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Friday, June 24, 2011

Presidential Republican Hopeful Herman Cain On Reading Big Bills... He's Just Not That Into It

I am missing how Herman Cain finds Jon Stewart's mocking of him wanting bills to be shorter in length, racist. It seems he was just trying to copy Cain's vocal style.

Herm says he's been called every name in the book because he's a black conservative. He is quoted as saying, "I have been called uncle tom, sellout, oreo, shameless..."

Curious if it burns his conservative ass when many of his constituents lash out at President Obama on something irrelevant, as a cover up to their own racist bs.

I would have to assume hearing all those names you've been called and surrounding yourself around those "constituents" I spoke of, obviously made being a conservative that much more appealing to you, Hermie.

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