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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tracy Morgan Does It Again

The 30 Rock star has decided to grace us with his presence once again in the media by using the word, retarted, while performing at Caroline's comedy club, in New York last weekend. Tracy was just on an apology tour for his remarks that offended gay people during a show he did in Nashville earlier this month. For that story click here.

At his recent appearance at Caroline's Morgan says, "Don't ever mess with women who have retarded kids." Tracy went on to say he use to date "a cripple," who had a mechanical larynx, a prosthetic arm and a portable dialysis machine, as reported by NY Daily News.

So now Peter Berns, the CEO of The Arc, an organization for people with developmental disabilities wants Tracy to apologize as reported by E! News. The CEO is quoted as saying about Tracy, "... has an incredibly powerful platform from which to fix this, and if he's learned anything in the last few weeks, he can't bomb this apology."

I see Mr. Morgan not only being a standup comedian but also an equal opportunity dater...

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