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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers 3 Gets Reviewed

Check out a tidbit of the reviews gathered by The Hollywood Reporter (THR) on Transformers - Dark of the Moon.

Variety says: "...3D-enhanced transformations in tantalizing slow-motion, and including enough wide shots to allow for a more generous, less claustrophobic view of the action. The result may still be a big, bloated spectacle, but it's a big, bloated spectacle you can just about follow.”

Hitfix says: "easily the best film in the series..."

CinemaBlend says: “...lifeless...Dark of the Moon has taken out all the bad jokes and the boring stuff to give us two and a half hours full of nothing but the biggest special effects any movie has ever offered in stunning 3D..."

THR says: "The kick of the first movie was the pleasurable shock of humans and these transformative mechanical beings interacting. The third chapter is dedicated to little more than wanton destruction."

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