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Friday, July 22, 2011

LA Traffic Cops Are Really Shaking People Down

Those people, are women who do porn and porn-like acts on film. Los Angeles traffic cops gettin their freak on in uniform.

The XXX movie took place 3 years ago however the story just came to fruition 3 months ago as reported on NBC LA News. After investigating this claim, the LA Department of Transportation (LA DOT) fired John K. Dancler this past Wednesday for his starring role in spanking butts, groping boobs and getting straddled by a chick, but the other traffic cop dude is still allowed to give out tickets, not sure why. Perhaps he didn't grope enough. Dancler was an employee for LA DOT for 23 years. What an idiot he is. City gigs state you have to give them 30 years before you can retire and that is obviously where Dancler was trying to hea. He's appealing.

These acts weren't lewd enough to be fired because no actual penetration took place in public (that we know of), just a bit of fondling. What these idiots did was wear their uniform which is an ultimate no no. You'd think they read this in their city employee handbook.

By the way, John K. Dancler looks like the asshole that gave me a ticket in Brentwood.

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