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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Al Sharpton's Message To Rush Limbaugh (VIDEO)

Listen to Rush respond to the way Al mangles his words, while on air reporting on the Wisconsin recall for MSNBC. He blames jealous black journalists (who are upset Al is up for the MSNBC gig when they feel they are more qualified) for messing up his teleprompter. Limbaugh even goes so far as to say perhaps the teleprompter is racist and that the audience understands Al's verbiage, basically taking a shot at the intellegience of those that watch MSNBC. This coming from a guy that is SOOOOOO SMART, he brought drugs into an airport not once but TWICE!

Even though Sharpton's face appears on this video, this is Rush's response:

Al responds basically saying he messed up a line, so basically pipe the hell down:

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