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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mel Gibson BEATS Oksana

Well Mel's ex always talked about how much he beat her, we wonder if she will be so forthcoming on how he beat her in court today.

According to TMZ, the real reason Oksana dissed the settlement Mel was willing to do in 2010 worth $15 mil was because she was advised to use the alleged abuse as ammo, to get more moolah, NOT what she was telling the media which is, she didn't want Mel around their daughter Lucia beause she felt he was dangerous.

Since nothing could be settled, these two ex-love birds awaited their court date which finally took place today and the verdict is in. Oksana gets $750 thousand, Mel will provide housing and financial assistance to his daughter (the same amount he pays to his other children) and he also gets unsupervised visitation with his daughter including 50/50 custody, which under the 2010 settlement, he wouldn't have gotten until Lucia was 3.

Oksana cannot pursue a civil case against Mel nor can she speak or write about their relationship.

This is a prime example of what happens when you're too damn greedy for your own good. Oksana has to be crying uncontrollably right now and assaulting the shit out of her lawyers for passing on the $15 million.

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