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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fan Review: 2 Broke Girls

(Photo courtesy: Warner Brothers Television)

Well, let's start off by saying that CBS likes titles that begin with the number, two.

As a fan of comedy, the name of this show sounds like a sketch group, which made us immediately drawn to it. Executive Producer of “Sex and the City," Michael Patrick King and comedian Whitney Cummings have created what we believe to be a strong potential hit starring, Kat Dennings (who plays Max) and Beth Behrs (who plays Caroline), who also show great chemistry.

2 Broke Girls pairs these two chicks, Max, whose hard-working with a tough exterior and Caroline, an inexperienced worker and former rich socialite, who although have many differences end up being roomates. We can only imagine the hijinks that will ensue.

(Photo courtesy: Warner Brothers Television)

However it would be great to see more of SNL vet Garrett Morris who delivered some funny, which was great, but seemed forced and not by him. It was almost like, 'ok, we have to put his character on screen to do something since we haven't seen him in awhile' instead of it feeling natural.

Although the show premiered last night with some funny one-liners, we're still not over the fabulous LARGE Williamsburg apartment and backyard fit for a horse on a waitress's budget.

Ultimate fave line said to a customer by Kat Dennings character:
“You think [snapping noise] is a sound that gets you service; I think [snapping noise] is the sound that dries up my vagina.”

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